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Sustainability in practice


Because we contribute to client successes today and in the future, sustainability is a crucial part of our business strategy. At Bakker Logistiek, we were therefore one of the first businesses in the Netherlands to use trucks running on LNG. This stands for Liquefied/Liquid Natural Gas, which has considerably lower emissions than diesel. These trucks may cost more to purchase, but the environmental impact is significantly less. And after around 120,000 kilometres, the truck starts to recoup the investment because the fuel is much cheaper. So, a win-win situation.

Future-proof transport

More measures for people and planet


Green as code of conduct

‘Green’ is about more than choosing a cleaner fuel and better load factor. It is a mindset for and by the employees. Sustainability is a code of conduct which flows through the entire company. From the warehouse employees to the office employee and driver, everyone plays a part. For example, we all know that you must separate waste, not open a window above a heater and turn off the light in areas not in use. Things which are normal at home, but equally important at work. We make our employees aware of this too. Everyone is responsible for the impact that the company and the employees have on the environment and on each other.

Towards the future

Electric fleet

The average range and charge time of an electric truck at this time is not yet sufficient in terms of time management to achieve the quality we strive to deliver. However, we are conducting pilots to explore the possibilities and analyse the required infrastructure. Such as installing enough charging stations at strategic (loading and unloading) places. We look forward to when we can gradually make our fleet more electric, and thus more economical and quieter. Until then, we look to solutions like hybrid driving: (bio) diesel on the road and switch to electric driving in towns.

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