VAL / Services

At Bakker Logistiek, we strive to be a reliable as well as service-oriented and proactive partner. Which means that we go further than simply delivering transport and warehousing. These are our Value Added Logistics (VAL).

Packing and repacking

Besides packing (loose) products, we can also repack them in house. This might be desirable for a promotion, involving two products being packed in one packaging. Or repacked into single packaging. We sort it!


When goods are offered as individual boxes, we can bundle and seal them per pallet. Clients often require this, with a view to more secure distribution and easier storage of food products.

Labelling and stickering

Sometimes, (incoming) products and goods are not yet immediately ready to be delivered to the end user. We are happy to provide these with the right labels and stickers in our warehouses so that the transport and logistics process are not unnecessarily delayed.

The numbers behind our story

Optimal VAL / Services conditions

Pallet places

Custom VAL

Our mission: Food availability

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