In three locations distributed along the axis of the Netherlands (Tilburg, Zeewolde, Heerenveen), we have our own warehouses with a capacity of over 222,000 pallet places and over 300,000 m2 for the storage of dry, conditioned and refrigerated food products.

Food-safe storage

Multi-client warehousing

With our Multi-client warehousing, we provide logistics services for multiple clients at the same time. Using crossdocking, we can get the right products from the manufacturer to the retailer as quickly and efficiently as possible, because we combine journeys and routes.

Shared warehousing

With Shared warehousing, Bakker Logistiek brings together two worlds: that of the manufacturer and that of the retailer. By combining the use of our employees with data, automation and robotisation, we optimise the efficiency of logistics processes for all the parties involved in the chain.

Dedicated warehousing

At Bakker Logistiek, Dedicated warehousing is also an option. Again, as with Shared warehousing, the order picking takes place at store level, but there is a Dedicated Service Team (demand planning) solely working for one client at a national distribution centre.

Customised and conditioned entry, removal and storage

Our mission: Food availability

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