Over 100 years ago

Start Bakker Logistiek

Over 100 years ago, Egbert Bakker started the business that is now Bakker Logistiek. With a tow barge, the Bakker family, headed by Egbert Bakker, transported turf, soap, beer and maize on the inland waterways of the Netherlands. The tow barge was followed by two small market boats for inland navigation: the Geertruida Elizabeth 1 and the Geertruida Elizabeth 2.

Early 20th century

Switch from water to land

At the start of the twentieth century, the company switched from water to road and was officially named E. Bakker & Zonen. The means of transport were expanded. From horse and cart from the early years, the family moved to motorised transport. Based in a small warehouse in Amersfoort, the family offered storage to its clients. Garaging activities were also set up, to service the trucks in house.

The 1970s

Hall Bunschoten

After many years dominated by transport activities, in the 1970s the Bakker family also started providing their clients with large-scale storage and transhipment from Bunschoten. After more than 20 years in Bunschoten, the business outgrew the premises. Further expansion was no longer possible. In the early1990s, the family therefore decided to develop an entirely new location in Zeewolde.


Start construction of location HW26 in Zeewolde

Following the completion of construction in 1995, Bakker moved to Zeewolde. In this year, Piet Bakker also fully took over the family business from his brothers. The start of the 21st century was characterised by rapid expansion and explosive growth due to business acquisitions among others.


Explosive growth of organisation

With the business acquisitions of Broersma and Smittrans in 2003, the Bakker family suddenly acquired a new warehouse location in the north: Heerenveen, and added the international distribution channel. In 2008, Bakker Logistiek took over the neighbouring Kees Becker Logistiek, adding over 60,000 m2 of warehouse space to the storage capacity in Zeewolde.


Warehouse locations

In 2012, Bakker Logistiek acquired 4 new warehouse locations in the south of the country: Tilburg. With this acquisition, the company now had national coverage, from north to middle to south. In 2013, Bakker Logistiek embarked on the international cooperation with the European Food Network set up by Dachser. Zeewolde would operate as a central hub for the network throughout the Benelux.


The new generations

In 2019, Piet Bakker decided that it was time for a new generation to take the helm. He outsourced responsibility for the daily management to a management team. The Bakker family is still involved in the company. It therefore is and remains an important family business.