Besides delivering quality and focusing on sustainability, safety is an important theme at Bakker Logistiek. That safety starts with the motto ‘I work safely or not at all’. But at Bakker, safety goes further than safety rules and measures alone. Safety is also about the degree to which everyone at Bakker feels comfortable and has the space to be themselves. With the Bakker Dynamic programme, we respond to both forms of safety.

Fit for the future

Safety rules and measures

Feeling good

Bakker Dynamic

Fit employees are essential for the success of sustainable business operations. And vice versa: the efforts of the business are essential for that sustainable employability of employees. That requires attention to safety and physical well-being. Besides safety rules and measures, we also arrange massages, a bike plan and good conversations if you aren’t feeling your best. But things like encouraging professional development and offering training and courses also contribute

Sustainability in practice

Care and safety on the road

A driver’s job is not only demanding in terms of concentration. Delivering roller containers and pallets to various stores also requires care, with attention for the physical impact on employees. Every driver must therefore be aware of lifting, pulling and pushing techniques to prevent problems arising from the physical strain. Driving work can be physically challenging and irregular working hours can be stressful. In consultation, we adjust the work to ensure that everyone is and remains fit and healthy.


Safe on the forklift truck

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